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痛症 【海外拍拉】当拍打拉筋不起作用时(When PaidaLajin does NOT work)

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这是海外拍友在Facebook上分享的精彩案例讨论,起因是Larry Berkley母亲做卧位拉筋3天后,出现背痛的气冲病灶,使他到网上求助。大家都在鼓励他,结果仅仅过了一天,背痛症状完全消失,当他把消息发到Facebook时,又引发大家的讨论。


Larry Berkley December 12, 2017 at 3:56pm

When PaidaLajin does NOT work.

I am having the hardest time helping my mom. Recently she started having back pain. The pain was so bad she was forced to go to the ER. The doctors at the hospital gave her a morphine shot. Since receiving that shot, she not only has back pain, she has back spasms that causes her back to clinch into knots. This causes severe pain. These knots do not release for 5-6 hours or more.

Everything I've done has NOT worked. She's laid on the lajin bench for 30 minutes each leg with NO PROBLEMS. Then I added weights to the leg that stretches up to the ceiling. She was able to maintain this position for a good six minutes.

While on the bench she started having back spasms/clinches again. She was in soo much pain she cried, laid on the bench and was afraid to move. I do not know else to do. I slapped the front and back of her knees as well as her back. None of this helped.

She's losing hope in PaidaLajin. I am starting to feel PaidaLajin may not work for her.

Any suggestions, PaidaLajin or not, to help her will be appreciated.

2017年12月12日 Larry Berkley在网上贴出了一条“当拍打拉筋不起作用时”的信息。以下是他的原文以及网友的评论。



Member’s Comments – 网友评论

Muhammad Nasir Ahmad:It will work, just be persistent.


Nick Catricala:when I started I could not even handle 3 minutes on the Lajin bench. Now after 2 weeks, I stay 20 minutes with weights. It is not easy, is painful, but I can feel that something is working well. I just need time. Whatever it was not good, was there for very long time, so I will continue the Lajin stretching. I know soon I will be able to do 30 minutes each leg and soon after go to 1 hour with no pain. Hope this helps you and your mom Larry Berkley

Nick Catricala:我在拉筋凳上开始时只能维持3分钟。现在两周后,我能在加沙袋的情况下拉20分钟。很痛,不容易,但我觉得身体在改善,只是需要时间而已。什么地方不舒服, 已是旷日已久,所以我要继续拉筋。我相信很快我就能每条腿拉30分钟,等能拉1个小时就会免痛了。希望这能帮到你和你妈妈。


Vlasta Mejri:Morphine is probably the signal of her difficulty, but do not lose hope. 

Vlasta Mejri:不要失去信心。

David Kowalek If she has enough vitality and or has fat consider fasting her with an electrolyte (sodium and potassium) solution for 48 hours and as long as she can stand it. Cut the carb intake to zero to decrease insulin and increase growth hormone. Also consider some jing or yang herbs. Get some more folks to Paida to increase the yang chi.

David Kowalek: 如果她有足够的活力,或者脂肪,可以考虑用电解质(钠和钾)溶液禁食48小时,只要她能忍受。 减少碳水化合物的摄入量为零,以减少胰岛素和增加生长激素。 还可考虑一些金汤药草。 让更多的人到拍打来增加阳气。


Group Admin: Applaud to your love and care for your mom! To self-heal one needs to have tremendous courage and confidence on PaidaLajin. From what you describe on this post, I think time will tell. Any doubts from you will badly impact your mom. So please keep encouraging your mom, praise her for every improvement she has made, and tell her the pain during Paida and Lajin is expected. Hope for the best. There have been so many successful healing stories shared online. I am sure your mom can be one of the legacies if she has the will to be self-healed.


Larry Berkley December 13, 2017 at 5:19am

UPDATE: My mom has literally been running from store to store in the mall today WITHOUT ANY PAIN AT ALL!!!! I had to force her to leave.

My mom did PaidaLajin for only 3 days Dec 9-11. Saturday she did 20 mins lajin per leg, Sunday 25 mins lajin per leg and I slapped her legs 20 mins each, Monday 30 mins lajin each leg in the morning, 10 mins lajin each leg with weight added.

Last night Dec 11th I was discouraged with PaidaLajin because my mom experienced extreme back pain while stretching for 10 minutes. I posted my first massage out of desperation LAST NIGHT because it seemed as if Lajin was not working... I now realize the problem was not if lajin worked or not. The problem was I felt lajin was not WORKING FAST ENOUGH. She had only done the exercise a total of 3 times before last night's episode.

My mom was soooo bad last night... I was afraid to make her do ANYTHING with PAIDALAJIN this morning Tuesday. She was afraid. I was scared. After last night, I made up in my mind that Lajin WOULD NOT WORK FOR HER.

This morning.........TO MY SURPRISE, OUT OF NO WHERE MY MOM WALKED DOWN THE STEPS WITH NO PROBLEMS AT ALL. I was SHOCKED. SHE DID NOT HAVE ANY PAIN...... I could not believe my eyes.... She was sooo happy.... And I WAS SHOCKED....

Keep in mind. Her back pain was soo bad while performing lajin she could not get off of the bench. She literally laid on the bench unable to move for about 3 hours. I wrote the post from last night WHILE SHE WAS STILL ON THE LAJIN BENCH.

When she finally got the strength and fought through the pain to get off the bench it took her about 30 mins to walk up the steps to her bed room.

I was amazed to see her this morning. She was a totally different person.... Its as if she NEVER had back pain, like last night DID NOT OCCUR....





Member’s comments – 网友评论

Wafa:Mahmoudi Ep Boughanmi Hi Larry, thanks for this update, I also noticed that the visible effect of Paida Lajin is not always immediate, but I think that it always happen even with a certain delay.


Ricardo Tulio Jr.:Indeed Pain Medicine really works.

Ricardo Tulio Jr.:事实上是止痛药起作用了吧。

Cathy Layton:Thankful!!!!! paida lajin 

Cathy Layton:感恩拍打拉筋

Nida Budiongan Gabrillo:Thanks to update..PaidaLajin is really true.

Nida Budiongan Gabrillo:谢谢更新,拍打拉筋的(效果)是真实可见的。

Wanda Ninelash:Awesome update! Can't wait the entire story Larry  

Wanda Ninelash:太棒了。期待着读到整个故事。

Group Admin: Thank you for the updates. This is very encouraging. Happy for both you and your mom. Please encourage her continuing the PaidaLajin. Look forward to reading more stories from you.


Rissa Usd:Love your story... makes me hopeful amidst all the diseases we have today and the medicines prescribed that hardly work but has so many adverse side effects. Love your being patient with your mom too.

Rissa Usd:非常喜欢你的故事。让我充满了希望,尽管我们周围有种种疾病且很多见效差、有副作用的处方药。你对你母亲真有耐心。

Ruth Bilowus Butler:Thank you for being so honest. I quit when my back ached. So many videos showed people feeling better immediately I didn't want to hurt myself.

Also, I'm doing Qigong and not sure if I should mix healing energy.

Ruth Bilowus Butler:谢谢你的诚实直言。我因为背痛停止了拉筋。网上很多视频显示那么多人一拉筋痛就没了,但我没有这样的体验,我不想(因为拉筋)伤了自己。

Larry Berkley:The videos of people having immediate relief makes us feel PaidaLajin does not work if we do not get immediate relief. The reality is. Sometimes it takes longer for people's blockages to clear.

Larry Berkley:(确实)那些人们拉筋后马上不痛的视频让我们觉得如果我们没有同样的收效的话,拉筋对我们可能不管用。事实上,有些人需要更长时间的拉筋去疏通经络。

Group Admin:Larry Berkley You've made a very good point. Thumb up. What you don't know is that people in the video might be undertaking Paida and Lajin in more areas, videos only capture the moment of relief, may have not showed you their ugly practice and how many times they had done before. So don't feel frustrated if you notice that you will have to take longer time to see the desired results. Everyone is different. There‘s an old Chinese saying, "Three feet of ice does not form in a single day," do did your diseases. To rid of these diseases, it takes time. Those who have the patience and confidence are the final winners of this war, a war with ourselves.

网管:Larry, 你说的非常正确。赞一个。你在看视频的时候看到的只是一个场景,而不清楚在这之前实践者可能已多次痛不堪言地拍打拉筋过。所以不要因为你自己花的时间长而感到气馁。每个人的身体状况不同。如中国人的一句古话:冰冻三尺非一日之寒。要祛除我们身上的疾病,就需要有耐心和恒心。这场战争的最终赢家是那些能战胜自己的人。

Larry Berkley:I used to practice QiGong also. I stopped doing it because PaidaLajin is much more powerful. I was convinced of this fact after I saved my brother's life when he was having a heart attack using paida. There is no QiGong technique that you can use in an emergency to save someone's life. Also, think about it. If PaidaLajin can save someone from dying from a heart attack, how difficult will it be for PaidaLajin to eliminate back pain. People just need to truly understand the technique more. I reread the book last night. I realized there were small, but powerful, pointers that I missed the first time I read it. My advice to you would be to replace the time you spend practicing QiGong with PaidaLajin. Xiao says PaidaLajin is much more powerful and simpler than QiGong. Also, The QiGong master I worked with is amazing... He taught us how to heal ourselves, how to heal each other and how to perform distance healings. He knows his stuff..... He said it is safe to mix energy practices. He always told us to wait AT LEAST 20 minutes between each style.

Larry Berkley:我以前也练过气功。后来不练了,是因为我发现拍打拉筋更给力。那次我用拍打法把我哥哥从死神(心肌梗塞)手里救活后我就更坚定了。气功不可能用来急救,而用拍打拉筋解决腰背痛有多难?人们只要对这个方法深入理解就可以了。昨晚我又把《拍打拉筋手册》读了一遍,我留意到了一些我以前忽略掉的内容,虽然小,但很重要。我给你们的建议是用拍打拉筋来替代气功。因为拍打拉筋更简单高效。我以前气功老师很厉害的,他教了我们如何给别人治疗,还能远程治疗。他是有两把刷子的。他说过混合不同的能量练习是安全的,至少等20分钟以后再换另一种式样练习。

Charles Obakpolor:I still don't understand this paida lagin practical exercises and how it's applied to heal different body parts. Can somebody link me directly to videos please.

Charles Obakpolor:我仍然不明白拍打拉筋,怎么针对身体不同部位自愈。有人能给我些视频链接吗?

Group Admin:Go to the article for the PaidaLajin beginners that is pinned on the top of this page. Also, this newly released documentary can be your starter of PaidaLajin - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40xmjSJtx40


Larry Berkley:Its your health. It’s YOUR responsibility to research it.

Larry Berkley:你自己的健康,查询信息是你自己该负起的责任。







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