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Time:2015.02.27 11:02 3024

Axel says so to Mr. Hongchi Xiao:

"Perhaps the Chinese government will take my message seriously that TCM is the most valuable gift China can give to the world and the Paida and La Jin self-healing technique you developed and are so tirelessly and selflessly promoting globally is, for reasons we know, the only component of TCM that can be rolled out globally."

 “It is also very likely that the Government of South Africa will finally wake up and support Paida and La Jin.” 

News Friday July 12 2013



“Clapping” helps to relieve pain

By Siphelele Dludla

THE elderly in Soweto are adopting ancient Chinese methods to heal their frailty and sicknesses.
Residents at the Soweto Home for the Aged in White City are employ-ing an age-old Chinese therapeutic method “Paida and La Jin” – loosely translated to “clapping and stretching” – with outstanding results. 


Paida and La Jin is a self-healing technique developed by Master Hong-Chi Xiao that is based on ancient traditional Chinese medicine.

Those who practise it have to “clap” themselves or be “clapped” on parts of their bodies. 

A bench with a perpendicular board attached to it is also used for stretching. 

The elderly women were in awe of the healing influence of this simple technique, and praised the young woman – Tshidi Dinku – who administered it. 

Dinku became aware of Paida and La Jin two years ago when she was retrenched from her job as a waitress. 

She has since travelled the world and even met Hong-Chi Xiao in China recently. 

Dinku said the therapy was easy to learn, safe to apply and it helped with many things, including blood circulation. 

“I started by practising Paida and La Jin on my mother. 
“She had gallstones in the bladder and was scheduled for an operation,” she said.


Dinku said her mother has never had that operation. 

She said the therapy helps with stress, depression and many other physical and mental ailments. 

Busisiwe Nkosi, 71, who is wheelchair-bound after suffering a stroke, is in better spirits. 

Nurses said Nkosi had a speech impediment because of her stroke. 

“I couldn’t talk when we began with [Dinku],” Nkosi said.

“But today I can speak and be understood.” 

Many elderly woman expressed mild pain when they were clapped, but bounced as if walking on a springboard when it was over.


GETTING TREATMENT: An elderly woman receives ‘Paida and La Jin’ physical therapy at Soweto Home for the Aged