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Lajin L Lajin

Time:2015.12.26 09:12 5554



L Lajin

L Lajin is an integration of the reclining position and horizontal position and is therefore more difficult. 
Step 1: Lie near the joint of two walls.
Step 2: Raise one leg and press it against the wall vertically, and then try to press the other leg against the wall horizontally.
Effects of L Lajin
1. This method reinforces stretching from the reclining and standing positions.
2. It also enhances the dredging of liver, spleen and kidney meridians and is therefore effective against spleen, stomach and kidney diseases, diabetes, cardiac diseases, and hypertension.
Since L Lajin combines the reclining position with the horizontal position, it is much more difficult to practice. If you are able to position both legs in right angle, then you have very flexible Jin (tendons). You can either do it on your own, or ask someone to help. Stretch each leg for 10 minutes.