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Others Complex Diseases

Time:2015.02.08 09:02 3079

This term relates to “forget the disease name” concept. People seldom have only a single disease; there are always a number of other diseases behind a known one. Moreover, these diseases are interrelated; they are the causes and effects of other diseases, and are thus called “complex diseases”. In effect, all diseases are complex diseases.


All diseases with known names are so labeled due to identification and classification by modern medicine based on known standards, using known measures. However, no matter how accurate the diagnosis of Chinese medicine, Western medicine and various medical appliances are, there are still areas of the complex human body where their diagnosis and treatments are not yet able to cover holistically. Thus, the key to curing diseases is not in knowing the disease name, but rather in locating the root causes.


More specifically, we need to find out which meridians (energy channels in the body) are blocked. On a battlefield, blockhouses and fortifications can be seen, but mines and hidden traps are not necessarily visible. “Complex diseases” imply that there are still many unseen, undetected pathological changes. That is to say, behind a known disease, there are many more known and unknown diseases, and the best way to tackle it is to have a thorough search, diagnosis and treatment in a manner similar to “carpet bombing” in military operations. Such a measure triggers the body’s internal “precision bombing”, because the outcome of clearing the meridians is as if an “anti-virus software” is being activated. As a result, a combination of overall coverage with “carpet bombing” and missile-type “precision bombing” is achieved.


Out of the numerous treatment measures in Chinese medicine, I chose Paida and Lajin not only because they are simple to practice and produce quick results, but also because they are widely applicable. In other words, once Paida and Lajin are implemented, almost all “complex diseases” are targeted and treated. This is because from diagnosis to treatment, Paida and Lajin act holistically and not partially. For ordinary folks, it is both best as an entry-level and an advanced self-healing technique that allows endless exploration. Ordinary folks may find it quite a challenge to directly and accurately locate meridians and acupoints; that is why many tend to give up on self-healing. Paida and Lajin may appear simple, they are nonetheless more effective on complex diseases compared to mainstream medicine. Many diseases that Western as well as Chinese doctors find hard to treat are cured by ordinary folks using these two unbelievably simple methods. Treating complex complex diseases with simple methods is as people always put it, “The truest path (Dao) is the simplest.” This is indeed a concrete, live interpretation of “Dao”.


On top of that, through self-treatment, self-healing and self-monitoring of complex diseases, people will also gain a fresher understanding of health and life. They will naturally go on to explore the lasting truths of Classical Chinese Medicine (CCM), hence changing their lives through health improvement. They will move from physical healing to spiritual healing, and from health management to life management. Persistent Paida and Lajin makes people healthier, more joyful and at ease.


Unfortunately, some only pay attention to their health when they are seriously ill. They are very concerned over maintenance and care, no matter how minor, of their cars and pets, but do not care much about the preservation of their own health. They are only interested in “overhauls” or treatment of grave illnesses. Maybe this is the so-called “fate”.