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Others What do you mean by "carpet bombing" and "anti-virus software"?

Time:2015.02.08 07:02 5213

What do you mean by "carpet bombing" and "anti-virus software"?


 "Carpet bombing", originally a military term, refers to thorough bombing of each and every inch of land.



Using Paida and Lajin in a “carpet bombing” manner cleanses the body’s 14 meridians (energy channels in the body) from all directions. This eliminates all known and unknown diseases holistically, instead of treating them by divisions of medicine. Paida and Lajin act as both diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Sha (colourful poisoned blood/toxic waste in the body) appearing during Paida indicates that the corresponding meridians are blocked, and appearance of Sha means detoxification has begun. In Lajin, the pain, numbness, soreness or other reactions felt during stretching indicates locations where Jin-Suo (contractin of tendons) occurs; restoring flexibility of Jin (tendons) through further stretching will cure the diseases.




"Anti-virus software" refers the body’s “self-healing power”. Our body has an innate “antivirus software”, and its wisdom, sensitivity and sophistication go beyond human comprehension and imagination. It runs in the body’s meridians in the form of invisible “qi”.




Once this “anti-virus software” is activated through Paida and/or Lajin, it will start to scan the entire body. When the Qi finds a blockage or a health problem, it will lock-in the target and resolve it, diseases or pain are thus alleviated or eliminated. This process is as if launching missiles in “precision bombing” and the “anti-virus software” is the devise that sets off this process.