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Lajin What safe Lajin methods are available to us?

Time:2015.12.21 04:12 17390


You can practically learn Lajin in one minute!




According to Taoist wisdom, “Extending Jin (tendons) by one inch will prolong human life by 10 years.” One dies when our Jin degenerates completely. Flexible Jin contributes to good health. Healthy people who live long usually have flexible Jin. Regular Lajin (stretching) is the best way to keep fit.




There are seven major Lajin positions. They are as follows:




Method 1: Reclining Position 



This position is by far the safest and provides the most comprehensive efficacies. A customised Lajin bench is recommended, but chairs can be used as an alternative. You must coordinate your breathing and stretch your arms as much as you can. This is particularly effective for sagging breasts and obese women.




Method 2: Standing Position




Method 3: Integrated Lajin



Method 4: Horizontal Position



Method 5: Neck Lajin


Method 6: Simplified Lajin



Method 7: Squat Stretching