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Paida What are the principles of Paida?

Time:2016.01.02 11:01 5865


What are the principles of Paida?


Paida/Inducing Sha = Elimination of the toxic waste in the body


1. Our skin is closely related to meridians (energy channels in the body). All diseases are caused by some kind of meridian blockage. Paida romoves blockage from the meridians.  


2. Paida enhances one’s faith and power of the heart, stimulates and cleanses relevant meridians to facilitate the Qi flow. Smooth Qi flow will in turn help the circulation of blood. Clearing meridians could cure diseases. 


3. The patted and slapped parts of the body will automatically gather Qi and blood, which then facilitates their circulation. As a toxin-sweeper, the enhanced Qi automatically scans the body to locate and cleanse the blocked meridians. As a result, toxic waste, illnesses and even tumors can be cleared. 


4. From the perspective of Western medicine, Paida is a "proactive sabotage technique" that stimulates the central nervous system, which then activates energy and blood flow to help repair the damaged parts. This is a process of self-healing and rehabilitation, and enhances the body’s immune functions.