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Paida What should I take note of when doing Paida?

Time:2015.12.21 03:12 3089


1. Avoid wind or chill during Paida


Avoid directing the fan or air conditioner at oneself during Paida so as not to let the cold and chills enter the body via open pores, which could induce new diseases. If air conditioning has to be used, it should be turned to the lowest, and the temperature should be increased to 26 degrees or above.



2. Remember to drink enough water before and after Paida


It is best to take ginger and date soup (boil ginger slices and red dates for 20 minutes, drink the soup) before and after Paida. Warm water can also be taken to replenish hydration, to prevent dizziness or fatigue, and to enhance the body’s metabolism.



3. Avoid showering or bathing after Paida


When the weather is cold and there is not much sweating, it is better not to bathe the same day, as the Qi and blood circulation in the body are automatically enhanced after Paida, it is best not to interfere with the process. However, dipping in hot springs or hot baths are allowed, as the skin all over the body is being warmed up, this will enhance Qi and blood flow, Sha will disappear faster as a result. Showering is not advised.


When the weather is hot and there is a lot of sweating, showering half an hour after Paida is allowed before bedtime. If it is not bedtime, do not shower in less than one hour after Paida. Never shower with cold water; hair and body shampoo containing chemicals should be avoided.



4. Paida for those with skin diseases


For skin diseases like psoriasis, red rashes and all types of itchiness, Paida heavily for a longer time for it to take effect. For those with psoriasis, Paida the affected areas until the skin is broken, and blood and body fluids are exuded. When scab forms and new skin develops, the disease is healed.


Do not use Paida to treat trauma or festering wounds.



5. Treat diabetes, varicose veins and swollen lower legs


For patients of diabetes, Paida should be light and slow because their skin and blood vessels are fragile. For patients with varicose veins and swollen lower legs, it is better to gently Paida from the feet to head, so as to accelerate the blood flow.



6. Do not use heavy Paida on kidneys, and where internal organs and their injuries are located


As meridians (energy channels) at the general parts (hands, elbows, knees and feet) are linked to our internal organs, these parts are patted instead to treat diseases related to internal organs. In some patients, Paida the general parts for a long time helps cure various chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and heart diseases.