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Others A Patient with Diabetes, Manier´s, Thyroid Cancer at Workshop

Time:2014.10.30 11:10 1827

My name is Helen Tung,57 years old,was born in Taiwan,until high school my whole family immigrated to US .  My undergrad is SF State, Graduated in Berkeley.  I worked on NY wall street as a computer consultant for over ten years which destroyed my health completely.  Namely as following:

1. Diabetes since 30 years old, because of abnormal life style.  Insulin shots for 50 units per day.

2. Maniers’ disease, causing of dizziness , hard of hearing, without hearing aid I am a deaf.  I am totally depressed and refuse to go out to talk to anyone because I can’t hear them clearly.

3. Thyroid cancer when I was forty years old. The operation taken out both side of thyroids and lymph gland around them. I took three year of the radio iodine-131 treatment after the operation, that was really the health killer.  Although I kept my life, but I lost my health.

4. I also have heart problem while I was born, it’s called "Mitral valve prolapse syndrome ", it won’t kill you, but make you very uncomfortable , and prevent you from doing heavy work.

During the one week health training camp, I learned that regain my health is possible, no more a unreachable dream.

1. While Master Xiu Paida (clapping ) my head, at the time I thought I am going to have brain shock , but all of a sudden my right ear hear a big bang and I can hear sound clearly.  Hurray! What a miracle! I can hear without hearing aid on my right ear.

2. My dizziness has been stop since then.  I can move freely without having balance problem.  My knee arthritis problem has been cured too, now I can walk freely like a normal person!

3. My urinate problem has been cured.  No more dripping  and night time had to get up twice.

4. Reducing 30% of my insulin shots, and still going on reducing when health gets better.  During the camp time, I didn’t using insulin at all.  I know it’s hard to keep life style like camp time, but it shows us a possible way of total recover to health.

I have to thank Master Xiu and Huang, they both help me on pai-da and la-jin, without their help I can’t reach the health level I have today.

Most of all, PaidaLajin is so effective ,easy to learn, cost no money, you can do it anywhere at anytime.  I am so grateful to Mr. Xiao hong chi , who comes out this great life saving method can save  millions and millions of people’s lives.

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