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Stay Healthy Journey to the West with Paida

Time:2017.04.02 22:01 5100

When parents are alive, armed with a good therapy, we travel with them to a nice place.


-A trip to Qinghai to celebrate my mother’s 80th birthday and fulfill my father’s earnest desire with the practice of PadaLajin therapy


It’s really a long story. In 1958, when our New China was just 9 years old, my father was 18 years old. Driven by hunger, he left his home village and went to Xining, Qinghai, for the construction of Xining Railway Station. In 1960, again because of starvation, he returned to his hometown. 56 years passed. Quite some of his co-workers have passed away. May they rest in peace.

Old Railway Station in 1959

New Railway Station in 2014

Re-visiting Xining has been my father’s longing for years. It was growing stronger and stronger as he aged. My sister and I were determined to fulfill Father’s dream.


My mother’s 80th birthday was on July 17,2016. The whole family wanted to hold a grand feast to celebrate but mother refused. So, we kicked off to Xining, a long journey over 5,000 kilometers.


Day 1: At 10p.m. we took train from Jinan to Xining. About 23 hours.


Day 2: At about 9p.m. we got to the hotel I booked.


Day 3: Rest.


Day 4: From Xining to Qinghai Lake. We planned to stay in the Hotel of Black Horse River, then go to Chaka Salt Lake and Qilan Mountain, but my father and sister suffered altitude reaction, so we returned to Xining.


Day 5: We went to Kumbum Monastery and Gui-De Danxia landform, Yellow River wetland, Fantastic!


Day 6: We went to Menyuan to see golden yellow rape flowers. So beautiful!!! But we hesitated there as father felt dizzy. To go forward to Qilian Mountain or back to Xining? Father insisted on going forward. I told him if we were going to Qilian, he had to allow me to give him Paida. He agreed. So I slapped my father for over 3 hours and got a big black blood blister on the back of his hand. He felt good all the way. Finally we arrived at Qilian. Water thawed from mountain snow flowed in the river through the family guesthouse. The snow mountain view was magnificent!


Day 7: Returned to Xining and re-enjoyed the beautiful grassland.


Day 8: Flew from Xining to Jinan. A perfect journey.

Beautiful Big Green Sea (Qinghai)! Beautiful landscape is everywhere.


Caravan on the Silk Road led by a man of ethnic minority

Papa loves stuffed toys~ Camel, cute?

Papa’s first trip by air (thanks to PadaLajin)

Papa loves delicious food… sorry but…too much meat is not good for health. Papa said 58 years ago he was so hungry but now he was very full~ The change of the city and our nation is great. We love our country, we love Big Qinghai!

Silly me--Lady Gaga?

This is Qinghai-Tibet Plateau~


Enchanting Scenery

Fight to Find Myself

Handsome Daddy

Charming Mom

The rest of our big family, including my two brothers, followed closely what we were doing all the way.

Danxia Landform

You are sitting there to enjoy the scenery, I enjoy seeing you.

You are standing on the bridge to enjoy landscape, I still enjoy seeing you.

Hand in hand, only you~ a whole life.

Can it be the True Love?

Side by side, till wrinkles appear in our faces and our hairs turn gray.

I envy affectionate couple instead of celestial beings.

A perfect journey due to all the help from the right people. Thanks to all my loved ones, and to all sentient beings in the universe.

Mr. Ma, the taxi driver. From the railway station to the airport, he accompanied us with his heart. Great driving, great guy! And great photographer of us!

And, special thanks to this Paida palm.

Without it, as Papa said, he could have stayed at Qilian forever.

Sha on my father’s hand.

During the 3 hours’ trip from Menyuan to Qilian I slapped my father’s hand. Papa was very cooperative, all the way he repeated constantly “I’m sorry, please forgive me. Thank you. I love you”. Finally he hit the jackpot. He felt good as his blood pressure dropped.



July 2016