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Stay Healthy Why do I still have anaemia after taking a lot of blood-tonifying food?

Time:2016.12.26 16:59 2648

I’m Xu Yilin; Mofei is my net name. When I learned a little about PaidaLajin in 2012, I began to practice Lajin on a bench. During the third Lajin session, I felt extremely cold all over and my feet felt chilly as well. The coldness wasn’t relieved even after I put on my socks. It wasn’t until I soaked my feet in hot water did I feel better. Not knowing it was a phenomenon of expelling coldness, I gave up Lajin.  
I didn’t get quite familiar with PaidaLajin until I listened to a talk by Mr. Hongchi Xiao at Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong in 2014. A friend of mine who had taken part in a workshop told me about the benefits of PaidaLajin. Then I got the news that Master Xiao would hold a 3-day workshop in Hong Kong in early June, 2014. So my sister Lucky and I participated in this activity together with several net friends. Since then, I have been doing PaidaLajin.
At the end of June, I came back from HK to Fujian Province to Paida my father-in-law who had heart disease. He had too frequent heart attacks and what’s worse, an attack lasted 4 or 5 hours. So his doctor suggested an operation, but I opposed this treatment and advised him to try PaidaLajin. While in Fujian, I paidaed my father for nearly twenty days. Now he is in much better condition. Now he occasionally has heart attacks, but they disappear quickly, say, a few minutes later. Sometimes he recovers immediately after he drinks warm boiled water. During the stay, I also paidaed over ten former classmates and teachers. After that, I have developed a habit of taking soup made from ginger and date and a Paisha tool at reunion parties of classmates.
This time, I come here for the 7-day retreat with two purposes. One is to give my body a thorough detox to work on the blocked circulations. Although I often practice PaidaLajin on my own, some parts of my body such as my back, the hind part of my legs, can’t be patted without others’ help. The other purpose is to learn more skills so that I have the ability to help more people by joining the volunteer team.
At the workshop, I have learned things that I wasn’t fully aware of from watching videos or reading other self-healers’ cases. From Mr. Xiao’s workshop, I have new gains and experience at every moment. Listening to him is a great enjoyment—you can feel his Qi field, and a sense of happiness from the bottom of heart, because you are absorbing positive energy. If I hadn’t been involved in a 3-day workshop, I wouldn’t have had the courage to cure my father-in-law of his heart attacks, neither would I have confidence in confronting his fight responses towards the causes of the illnesses.
Seven days’ slapping has enabled me to understand I have too many wastes and toxins from micro-circulations, serious blockage of meridians, poor blood circulation, and deficiency of Qi. Because of lack of Qi, blood can’t flow freely in my body so no nutrients can be digested and absorbed. That’s why I still have anaemia after eating a lot of blood-tonifying food. It seems true that “a free flow Meridians system is the best health promotion in the body.”! Moreover, at the workshop, when members pat together, there is a huge energy field that allows more wastes to be removed easily.
Here I have gained a wealth of love, from outstanding coaches, who slapped us to get rid of our body trash with selfless love. Here I have got love from our members—we took care of, encouraged and patted each other whole-heartedly. Here I feel love from lovely Mr. Hongchi Xiao. He says what he knows and says it without reserve. He spares no pains to make us realize how much we can benefit from PaidaLajin. Each word of his is for our health.
After seven days, I have got more physical stamina, a stronger mind, and a healthier body. When I leave here, I will help more people in need and willing to take PaidaLajin. Meanwhile, I will do PaidaLajin to improve my health.
Thank you, Mr. Hongchi Xiao, all coaches, volunteers, and trainees!

Xu Yilin
November 29th, 2015

Translated by Jane

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