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Stay Healthy 2~7 Day PaidaLajin Self-Healing Workshop in Kaohsiung City , Taiwan.

Time:2016.03.25 05:03 2699

Master Hongchi Xiao will be coming to Taiwan again to hold PaidaLajin Self-Healing Workshop at BaoLai HotSpring Resort in Kaohsiung City.The participants will learn Paida, Lajin, Zen jogging, meditation sitting, waist-swirling, wall-hitting, Tie-Qiang Gong,etc.This method has been spreading around the world,being highly effective, simple, safe, widely applicable,DIY,green.


    According to Chinese medicine, all diseases are caused by blockage of meridians. PaidaLajin activates self-healing power and opening energy channels in the body,hence we manage our own health.

 TimeAM10:00 April 1  ~ PM2:00 April 7, 2016  


No 36, BaoLai 2nd Lane, Liugui district, Kaohsiung City , Taiwan.
(高雄市六龜區寶來二巷36號)(BaoLai HotSpring Resort寶來温泉山莊)


Fee:NT $32,000 (DOUBLE ROOM FOR two) or NT $45,000 ( Single room FOR ONE) TWO WAY airport (KHH) to Hotel is NT $3,000 .If you will come here at 3/31 or stay 4/7-8 night , you need pay more fee about 3,000 double room for two or 4,000 double room for Single。

Details refers to the registration website:


Please send your airplane ticket (better arrived here on 3/31) to and finsh your reservation.
We will contact you how to come to the workshop.

Seats are limited. (NOW have more 30 persons) Early(3/8) applicants and send your ticket will receive gifts.
MORE Early(2/15) applicants and send your ticket will receive double gifts.

ABOVE LINK have all information ,the fees, the place (Hotel/local).

Line ID : senpo7
WECHAT ID: senpo7
SKYPE ID:senpo7


1.The resort hotel providing the wifi internet service , but the message is not so good
in the room , near lobby is better .

2.The fee include the stay at the resort and our plan(4/1 AM10:00-4/7 PM2:00) meals , of course.

3.The workshop is 4/1-4/7 . If you will come here at 3/31 or stay 4/7-8 night , you need pay more fee about 2980 double room.

4.Maybe we will arrange you to visit Kaohsieng , if you want .

5.The best airport to stop is Taiwan Kaohsiung International Airport (KHH) .

The best arrival time is at PM 2:00 March 31.

If arrival time is March 30, you will stay Kaohsieng one day , and live at hotel or our home .   

Residents in Chinese Mainland, may register on your mobile phone and scan the QR Code. Mobile:13661058751