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Teachers Column Waist-Swirling at Seattle Workshop

Time:2016.12.26 16:56 2706


Waist Twirling is an easy exercise to strengthen one's kidney Qi. Its effectiveness can be manifested through long time practice. People can feel the warmth rising from the lower back after twirling the waist clockwise and/or counter clockwise for about ten minutes. This is a good news to those who sit still for long time because waist twirling exercise can greatly ease the lower back pain. There is no any requirement on locations either, so you can pretty much practice it at anywhere or any time. Next time after you drive or sit too long, or wait in line, give it try. If you firmly believe in this exercise, welcome it into your daily life, practice it every day for about ten minutes, you will be joyfully notice the changes you've made.

Please view the 
video (viewers outside China please click on this link)  to learn how to twirl your waist properly.





    扭腰功是個簡單易行的練習方法,日積月累,對強腎功效很大。通常練習者用這種方法順時針或逆時針扭腰十幾分鐘後,后腰便會有熱呼感升起。對那些久坐 不動的人來說,扭腰功可極大地緩解腰部的疼痛感。因為沒有場地限制,所以在任何地方都能做。平時開車或坐辦公室太久,或在等人、等車、排隊的時候,不妨試 試這個扭腰功。當然啦,如果你對此功法之效深信不疑,那就每天練習十幾分鐘,感受此法給你的身心帶來的愉悅吧。請觀看視頻學習練習扭腰功時所需注意事項。