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Teachers Column Wall-hitting at Seattle Workshop

Time:2016.12.26 16:54 2441

Although this was not my first time to learn wall-hitting from Master Xiao, I was glad that I had the opportunity to receive his personal corrections. In the video, Master Xiao explained how to do the wall-hitting exercise and some pitfalls people normally had, such as hitting the wall twice, closed mouth, lifting toes when leaving the wall, etc. The proper way of doing this exercise is that one should stand at least one foot away from the wall, slightly bend the knees, so to keep the entire back in a straight line. Inhale deeply before hitting the wall, exhale with a sound of “Ha” naturally when hitting the wall. The sound will be solid, deep and powerful if everything is done properly. If there is no solid wall around, one can always practice it by hitting a big tree as an alternative.



    儘管這不是第一次跟蕭老師學如何撞牆,可我還是非常慶幸有機會得到他的現場指導。撞牆的要領有:兩腳同肩寬站立,先從離牆一腳之距開始,以後逐漸拉大距離 以增加撞牆的力度。兩手環抱於胸前,腿微屈,臀部自然提起,整個背部應成一條直線。先吸口氣,然後整個後背倒向牆,要避免兩次撞牆;撞擊牆時口微張,會很 自然地發出“哈”聲,切勿緊閉嘴。離牆時要避免腳尖離地。蕭老師在以下視頻裡做了詳細示範和解釋。


Viewers outside China can see the video on Youtube.