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Stay Healthy Foot Slapping at 2015 Seattle Workshop

Time:2016.12.26 16:53 2713


Last Sunday's major task in Seattle's Workshop was to slap hands and feet. Master Xiao did the demo before we were paired up for the Paida. 15 minutes for each location on each person. Camille from NY volunteered to be my partner. We both are slim, yet have powerful hands. Led by Yezi and Kim, the groups started to Paida feet in a synchronized pace. It took about half of the time limit to see Sha surged on Camille’s foot, however, the biggest challenge for me to slap her was her very bony ankle bones, both inside and outside, they hurt my palm more than anything else. So I alternated with both hands and the slapper. I want to say it must be a funny scene that everyone was working on other people’s foot so attentively, that we all looked like cobblers trying to repair something. Anyway, the turnout was quite fruitful —- I transformed Camille’s bony feet into fully rounded, she in return, turned mine into a pair of “swine feet.”

On the second day, when I paired up with Rosie who was from Chicago, working on the stomach meridian area, I noticed that she was slapping my right leg with her two fingers. I intended to correct her, but she signaled me to wait for the results. So I sat back, watching her fingers snapping on my skin. Looked like they were dancing on the keyboard, powerful with a steady beat. I made some faces due to the pain, yet I was extremely happy to see the “Blueberry” Sha come out much more faster than I expected, and I was also excited to learn a new technique of Paida. What Rosie created is perfect for the bony body parts.

Oversea's viewers can watch the Finger Slapping Technique from the Youtube link for a fast connection. 


    上週日的主要拍打部位是手腳。蕭老師先給各位示範了一下如何拍手拍腳,然後便將團體分成二人組,每人每個部位拍十五分鐘,眾人坐姿各異,在指導員的口令下 噼劈啪啪地開拍起來。紐約來的卡米爾小姐主動找我作伴。我倆都屬於苗條型的,手上的勁卻絲毫不差。輪到我給她拍腳的內踝和外踝時,痧在時間過半後開始猛 現,可最大的挑戰卻是她那腳兩邊突兀的瘦骨,頂得我掌心其痛無比。除了左右手輪換拍以外,我們也試着用拍打棒的側面敲打骨頭下不便下手的狹長區。倘若此時 不明真相的人走過路過,一定會認為我們這些人像修鞋匠一樣在修補些什麼。不管怎麼說,我倆的戰果都還不錯,我把她的那雙瘦腳打“豐滿”了。她也把我的打成 了“豬蹄子”。


Viewers outside China can view the video from this link

    第二日我和從芝加哥來的露絲一組拍腿上的胃經時發現她在用手指拍。本想糾正她用掌心,她則示意我耐心等待效果。只見她的手指像在鍵盤上跳舞一樣,非 常富有彈力和節奏地跳動着,我則在齒牙咧嘴的“痛快”中看到”藍莓”在我的右腿側蜂擁而出。原來以為不怎麼容易出痧的地方居然這麼快就出痧了。爽過之後, 我虛心向她請教,並專門拍了個視頻,以便推廣給更多的人。用手指拍打的關鍵是把力發在食指和中指上彈打,被打的人感覺好像被什麼抽了一下似的,力度很大也 很深。因為沒有用掌心,所以這種手法非常適於拍像腳踝有骨頭處。真是受益匪溎牵