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I am Axel von Gerlach, a German who has lived most of his life in Africa, the bleeding continent, yet also one filled with laughter and joy.


I care for Africa, its people and the splendour of its nature.


Lecturing at Lesotho's Nursing College


I am writing this note from Windhoek, the capital of Namibia, where I am preparing Mr Hongchi Xiao’s visit to Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe from September 27 to November 13 this year and am working on major projects good for Namibia and its people.


I am one of Hongchi’s many friends, supporters and admirers. We call each other “my older and younger brother” in spirit, with him being the younger one. 


I heard about him and the divine self healing technique some five years ago through Dr. Kim Wong, a wonderful Chinese friend and probably the world’s top expert on tropical plantations, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


He knew I was involved in alternative medicine and sent me a video on the Paida and La Jin self healing technique and Hongchi Xiao asking me to have a look at it. I did and said to myself if this is true it is magic. 


It turned out to be true and it is magic! 


We corresponded and I attended one of his workshops in Germany. I then invited him to South Africa and Lesotho, the mountain kingdom and one of the poorest but also one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


The six week long visit was a financial fiasco due to me, in my enthusiasm, under-estimating what it entails to organise such a visit, but it was otherwise a resounding success.


Lack of finance generally causes all sorts of stresses in life. At the time of writing the Greeks must be stressed by events and developments in their country. The drop in stock exchange values must stress and worry many Chinese, pricking their euphoric balloon. Many of us will know what it does to marriages and our personal lives.


Hongchi Xiao, his two assistants and I were no exception to the rule.


I remember a scene when Hongchi and his team of two assistants must have thought to themselves: “Are we in the right cinema?”, when I was driving and they were meditating on our way to a catholic hospital in Roma, Lesotho. (Roma is named after Rome and is a catholic centre in Lesotho).


But then again we were more than compensated:


When we treated an 85-year-old very impressive lady at the special request of Theo Nthlapa, our friend and local partner in Lesotho, who suffered from too many medical conditions to list and told us (she did not ask if it suited us), after we stretched her and she took the simultaneous clapping by two assistants for around 90 minutes without uttering a sound of pain: “We are now praying.”


And then she prayed and thanked God for bringing Hongchi to Lesotho to relieve her pain and for her to regain her health and asked God if Hongchi could please help all the people of Lesotho. Theo since told me he had benches built in Lesotho, had given her one, she continued with Paida and Lajin and was now in good health.


Or when an old lady using a crutch, suffering from chronic arthritis and rheumatism, struggled to get up the stairs onto the stage of the cinema we had rented for the evening to expose Basotho’s to Paida and La Jin and another who was wearing a corset for years, as she suffered from chronic back pain, threw away their crutch and corset after being clapped and stretched for 45 minutes on stage while Hongchi was calmly addressing the audience.


 Lecturing at Lesotho's movie theatre 


The crutch and corset were thrown away after doing PaidaLajin

Frozen shoulders' pain was mostly gone after doing PaidaLajin


Or when we enjoyed and had fun driving up the mountains, breathing the fresh air and tasting the sweet and clean water of Lesotho on the way, to a hotel where we had a delicious lunch and spontaneously and successfully demonstrated to and treated the staff of the hotel after lunch. I think they will remember our visit for a long time to come.


Or when we clapped and stretched His Majesty, King Letsie III of Lesotho at his palace, a fit and good looking middle aged man, and his brother the Arch Bishop of Lesotho (over 80% of all Basotho’s are Catholics). Both men were given and enjoyed the full treatment of Paida and La Jin and encouraged us to spread our knowledge throughout the country.


Doing Paida for the Archbishop of Lesotho, and most of the leg pain was gone after the self-healing


Doing acupuncturing for Lesotho's Deputy Prime Minister to relieve toothache  

The Deputy Prime Minister doing Lajin 


Or when Hongchi and I could only laugh at ourselves, when he was standing in front of the city centre hotel in Maseru waiting to be picked up for our audience with HM King Letsie III. Everybody was wearing his best for the occasion. Only Hongchi, and those of you who know him will agree he is a good looking man, but oblivious of his appearance as only Paida and La Jin and not material things are important to him.  


Fortunately I saw his quality, sturdy, but dirty boots and even more fortunate I happened to have black shoe polish and a brush in my large attaché case, the type lawyers with their files walk around with. So Hongchi, who had no idea that his boots needed polishing, polished them there and then in the street. And off he went with his bright smile and shining shoes to teach His Majesty how to heal himself. The visit was a great success and impressed His Majesty. We were poor like beggars, but rich in high spirit!


       Coaching His Majesty the King of Lesotho on PaidaLajin theory


Lajin Bench in the Royal Palace

Coaching His Majesty the King of Lesotho to do Lajin




He asked us to roll out the Paida and La Jin self healing technique in Lesotho which is, as said previously, one of the poorest countries in the world. We are doing what we can with our limited resources and Theo Nthlapa, our local friend and associate, is having the stretching benches manufactured in Lesotho where many people are now practicing Paida and La Jin thanks to Hongchi and his team.


Ntate (Mr) Meshu, Lesotho’s top artist, who had arranged the audience at short notice, told me that whenever his Majesty sees him, even from afar, he shows him smilingly he is clapping.


Then one can only thank God for being so privileged to be part of and witnessing such miraculous recoveries.


The day we arrived Lesotho happened to be Chinese New Year's Eve. I think Chinese are not like me one can read like an open book, but are taught to control their feelings. I felt saddened when I looked at them and detected a faint sadness in their faces as all of us ate only some nuts and bread with olive oil, while the large Chinese community in Lesotho must have been enjoying great dinners.


Hongchi, his assistants and I were still standing at the end of the six week long visit to South Africa and Lesotho. Hongchi continued on his journey but I went into a deep rooted depression triggered, but not caused by the visit for almost a year. Nothing and nobody could help me. I was given unbelievable financial and moral support by family and friends, Hongchi convinced his friends and business associates to write off the debt I owed them for benches, books and clappers they had supplied, doctors, psychiatrists and psychologist in Germany and South Africa did what they could to help, but nothing worked for me until I asked myself, “Are you that dumb not to practice what you preach?”


Those who have gone through similar experiences will know that depression can get so bad that one is not interested in anything and would prefer to simply stay in bed and sleep all day. It is not a pretty experience!


Well, literally at the last hour, I had the good sense to get back on my bench and I also started clapping myself. I felt better within days and after a month or so I was “pumping” again as we say in Johannesburg, the city of gold.


Since then I have been feeling like a Springbok, a small and graceful antelope enjoying the first rains after a long drought. They keep on jumping up into the air with legs straight. If you enter “jumping springbok” on You Tube you will see how they do it. I also feel like “a little boy in a candy shop” and am experiencing a burst of energy and zest for life which is almost miraculous. I often cannot believe my good fortune and blessings.


I came to the conclusion that I was given “my second life” as I lovingly and fondly call it, to help others. There are many ways to do that, but I know of no better way than Paida and La Jin that alleviates the pain and suffering associated with disease.


I am determined to make the planned visit a success, despite my lack of financial resources, and have been and still am organising Hongchi’s planned visit to Namibia from September 27 until November 13 this year in  Windhoek, the capital of Namibia,  for more than six weeks.


A Jewish joke comes to mind: An Afro American sits in the underground of New York reading the Jewish newspaper. An old bearded Jew sits opposite him and asks him: “It is not enough to be a Negro?”


I assume in Hongchi’s, but definitely in my case, one hiding was enough.


The upcoming visit, so God will, will be a huge success! The itinerary will be posted on the Paida and La Jin web site and visitors to our web site will be able to watch footage of the visit as we go along.


I am also working on exciting business projects to the benefit of all Namibians. Everything is going my way, I have never been happier and as I am in harmony with the universe which I never was, am in the flow and coming from a good space, things seem to fall, often to my disbelief and amazement, into place almost effortlessly.


The leaders of the landless movement in Namibia have issued an ultimatum to Government that they will confiscate vacant land, if necessary by force. I assure you, I am  not looking for additional work, but felt I needed to do what I can to assist in defusing a volatile situation and to address the systemic problems by writing the following concept paper and to promote the ideas outlined therein to the best of  my abilities:  







As the lot of the have not’s is not unique to Namibia, I will gladly make it available to those who believe it to be of merit and who are living in countries with similar problems. Simply write and I will send you a copy.


   First PaidaLajin Seminar in Cape Town



Teaching Seth Mazibuko how to do PaidaLajin. He was the youngest prisoner with Nelson Mandela on Bobin Island 







Most of the readers will know that the Paida and La Jin divine self healing technique:

1.    Is effective for most if not all mental and physical conditions.


2.    Is easy and quick to teach, to learn and to practice.


3.    Is a natural one, does no harm (the first law of healing) and has no side effects.


4.    It identifies accurately medical conditions one may not be aware of as they have not manifested themselves and that can therefore be addressed and corrected before these become a problem.


5.    Is free for all to use, as it costs nothing to stretch and clap oneself.   


“How good is that?” they say in Canada.


Please note I do not use the word “divine” freely or thoughtlessly as it is not a good idea to upset the man upstairs. The technique is divine as the Creator made this wonderful machine, our bodies, which no man can even dream of copying, but is so good at abusing and destroying. Just as we are doing such a great job of destroying the perfect world we were given, all in the name of progress and economic growth. When will we learn that trees do not grow into the sky? And that the unmitigated pursuit of profit and power is a recipe for personal and universal disaster?


It follows that if we believe a higher being, whatever we may call it, created our world, including ourselves consisting of body and soul, and that it seems unlikely that the universe, our world and we are the result of an evolutionary process of a microbe or cell, then it is perfectly reasonable, in fact a proven scientific fact, that this higher being equipped our bodies with a self healing mechanism called the “meridian system”.


Paida and La Jin is all about clearing blockages of the meridians as well as detoxifying our bodies of harmful substances.


Its efficacy we experienced at the Soweto, the largest and internationally known township southwest of Johannesburg.


       Soweto Home for the Aged, the first place to start doing PaidaLajin in Africa


When Tshidi Dinku and I arrived at the Soweto Old Age Home I asked the old and poor ladies: “How many of you are living joyful and fruitful lives?” To which the in-official leader replied emphatically: “Not at all!” I replied: “Well, we will have to change that, won’t we?” And we did.


When you have a moment please have a look at their testimonials: 


We were not able to continue for financial reasons when I went into a deep rooted depression last year. But chances are I will make tons of money in Namibia and then we will be back in force.


To my mind those who belittle or condemn the Paida and La Jin self healing technique should be wary of doing so. Some also do without knowing anything about Paida and La Jin and to them I am saying:


“There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all argument, and which cannot fail to keep man in everlasting ignorance. That principle is condemnation without investigation.”

Herbert Spencer (1820-1903)


Likewise they should think twice and realise before attacking it, it is an integral part of the Chinese heritage and culture. Is it therefore a good idea to attack it? I don’t think so. 


Hongchi Xiao did not “invent” Paida and La Jin. His ancestors did. His great achievement was to extract from the vast body of knowledge called Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) a technique.


The reason for disbelieving its efficacy is that it is so simple to teach, to understand and to practice and IT IS FREE for all to use. And we are brain washed that that cannot be.


We further believe we are the smartest generation in the history of man and our forefathers were primitive. Why do we think that? Because only we go about in all that we do in a “scientific” manner.


Poor us and what audacity!


I would like to refine that by saying we go about in most of what we do in a destructive manner and we will have to pay the bill without a shadow of a doubt. Looking at our world today I predict the day we will be asked to pay a very, very high bill is near.


We demand “proof” and evidence that the neem tree, the Indians refer to as their “village pharmacy”, is beneficial to man? We even insulted the Indian nation by establishing what the effective ingredients were and tried to patent it.


We require scientific proof and clinical studies, costing a fortune, that the Hoodia plant the San people (commonly referred to as bushmen) in Africa have been using for thousands of years to suppress hunger, that it does just that? The bush men, by the way, are a smart and intelligent people who we dragged, possibly and probably, against their will, from what we call the “stone age” into the “I Pad age” within a decade or two and they managed the jump quite easily. I am not sure if they thank us for that. 


Cry the beloved modern, “scientific” man!


Coming back to the divine Paida and La Jin self-healing technique:


The following is a list of benefits it offers us, (and the list is by no means, comprehensive):

·       It can significantly reduce the pain and suffering associated with disease and can greatly assist conventional medicine in healing the diseased. 

·       It can save huge amounts of monies for Governments in health care costs.

·       It can reduce pressures on health facilities, medical doctors and nursing staff.

·       It can make the treatment of the ill more humane and personal.

·       It can offer millions with jobs and sustainable livelihoods worldwide. 

·       It offers extraordinary business opportunities worldwide.

·       It can make our societies more caring and more peaceful.

·       It can reduce crime as people who practice Paida and La Jin are unlikely to be criminally inclined. It can also assist in making convicted criminals more comfortable with themselves and in reintegrating them into society.

·       It can assist greatly in treating psychological diseases, a field in which we have made little progress.

·       It can increase Gross National Products as people who feel and look great are more productive, less prone to disease and that in return reduces levels of absenteeism’s.


It does not get much better than that, you will agree!


Mr Xiao is of Chinese origin and is, quite rightly so, proud of his heritage and ancestors. Knowing him well I assure you he also respects other cultures and is keen to learn from them. His is not the only healing technique. There are many highly effective healing techniques, conventional as well as alternative ones, out there. But I have not come across one that meets the criteria outlined above. 


Coaching the Chinese diplomats in Cape Town to do PaidaLajin

Doing Paida on the local artist


Discussing PaidaLajin and South Africa culture with the local artist in front of his painting.



He also respects “conventional” western medicine and welcomes any opportunity to cooperate and to work and partner with medical facilities as he did in India recently.


An example: Medical researchers at the famous Indian Diabetes Research Centre, TAG VHS Diabetes Research Centre, conducted a controlled clinical study of the effect of Paida and La Jin during one of his workshops in March this year. The focus was to determine Paida and La Jin’s effectiveness for treating diabetes as well as Parkinson’s. The final report was compiled by Dr. C. V. Krishnaswami, a well known and respected medical doctor and scientist. The results were most encouraging, were published and can be studied by visiting the following link:


Is it therefore appropriate to term Hongchi Xiao, who has developed this divine self healing technique and is tirelessly, selflessly and successfully promoting it worldwide, one of the greatest sons of China “made of the purest and deepest jade”? You be the judge.