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Stay Healthy Bandung Seminar on June 28

Time:2015.07.01 02:07 2699

The organizer of the workshop was meeting Master Xiao and his team at the gate of Banana Inn Bandung.With great excitement,he was in the uniform, on which big characters PAIDA LAJIN are printed. He used to spend half month going through all Master Xiao's lectures and English materials on the Youtube and started to PaidaLajin immediately. He self-healed his heart problem, hypertension, pains,depression and other diseaes. He told us his wife, daughter and parents are all doctors, but they can't cure his diseaes. However, Paida and Lajin made it! His weight reduced 10 kgs!

Banana Inn  Venue of Bandung Seminar and Workshop




Attendees began to slap themselves in the lobby of the hotel before seminar session on the afternoon of June 28, bustling with noise and excitement. Many people were curious about it.


At the sminar, two ladies (one has to wear specially-made shoes for walking due to years of foot pain, another has lower back pain for years) came to stage for Paida and Lajin and their pains have gone right away. The audience applauded enthusiastically. Several Islamic women asked: Why don't spread so good methods to everyone in a fast way?


The large patch of black Sha on the elbow of this old overseas Chinese indicates his serious heart disease. He had bypass surgery long ago. He exposed his surgical scar on the chest. He asked: "My heart disease has not been cured after surgery. Can I PaidaLajin?"  Sure, he can. There are numerous successful cases! Many patients wanting to have surgery again have improved their conditions significantly after doing PaidaLajin!