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Workshops Penang & Seremban Seminar & Workshop in July

Time:2015.05.29 12:05 2449

Seremban 1-7 days Paida and Lajin Experiential Programme
Conducted By Master Hongchi Xiao
Date: 13 July 2015 till 19 July 2015
Venue: The Royale Bintang Resort & Spa Seremban @ Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Fee: RM3600 / pax ( 7 days) Inclusive of accommodation (twin sharing) and 3-days of fasting.
@ RM390 / day (without accommodation)

     Participants will learn Paida and Lajin DIY therapies as way to maintain GOOD HEALTH – simple and yet powerful  methods  to 
SELF  heal  by  activating your  own  immune  system  and  DIY  without  relying  on medicine, just natural self-healing.
      According to <Huang Di Nei Jing> , diseases are caused by blockage of meridians; clearing the meridians can therefore heal diseases.
      Participants will learn and take part in zen jogging, meditation, fasting, waist swirling, hitting the wall, knowledge on the self-healing therapies, Paida and Lajin theory and practice and sharing of experience.
*Paida and Lajin are promoted as self-healing methods and are not meant for or substitute medical treatment.
Please consult a qualified medical practitioner for any health issues.*
Organiser / 主办 :S2 Lajin Paida Self-Healing / S2 拉筋拍打自学馆
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