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Stay Healthy PaidaLajin Helps Self Heal a Severely Ill Child with Nephrotic Syndrome (NS)

Time:2015.05.12 02:05 1772

    A successful case of healing renal failure was posted on PaidaLajin Chinese Blog ( last year, the patient avoided hemodialysis after PaidaLajin and self-healed! This time, PaidaLajin made a success again, and it helped an 8-year-old boy with severe kidney disease fully recover. Gentle Paida is enough to cure a common cold, but it was a matter of life and death to the boy. So constant and heavy Paida couldn't stop no matter how the boy screamed out of pain! Yang-Qi thus rose greatly, and hormones changed dramatically as well! That's the  effect of self-healing! Xiao Han is not a doctor, but she and her master saved the boy at the death's door just by use of PaidaLajin, ginger date tea and massage. Many thanks to Xiao Han and her master.


      Dear Master Xiao,

      How are you doing? I couldn’t report you the patient’s condition earlier until I saw it with my own eyes today. The child has fully recovered now. In the past, I was afraid of telling you his improvement because I only got the information from phone conversations with his relatives, which might be untrue. The child got the disease at the age of eight and he’s now nine years old. A large number of people around me have got such a deadly disease. My aunt’s kid got the same disease when she was not yet five years old and passed away after one month of hospital stay. But this boy is really blessed and he has survived it miraculously! My contact info:,  Tel: 18088116037 (WeChat ID as well)

                     I’m grateful to you. Wishing you good luck in the New Year!

Sha appeared on March 11, 2014


Blood in the urine at 7:00 PM, March 12, 2014

       One day, I came across a message pleading for help: a seriously ill child from a poor village needed RMB 100,000 for treatment. I thought it would not be easy to raise that amount in Xishuangbanna, a little out-of-the-way place. However, right then, a testimonial of self-healing a patient with kidney disease was released on E-Tao Chinese blog ( I then called the schoolmaster of the child and sincerely asked him to pass on our message to his parents that if they agreed, I would like to help them and bring the child to my master for a try. Kidney controls the metabolism of water. My master has done pediatric massage for decades and he is the best one among the people I know in our Xishuangbanna area in regulating spleen and stomach by pediatric massage. Earth restricts water. I believe as long as spleen and stomach are well regulated, kidney diseases would be under control soon. Therefore I had no doubt we would achieve better result if PaidaLajin went together with my master’s massage.


Sha on the buttocks on March 14

       On March 11, 2014, the child was sent to hospital but the hospital didn’t admit him. He was diagnosed with a critical condition of nephrotic syndrome and the hospital was not able to treat such a severe patient. The child’s father had to phone me and urged us to pick them up. The child was crying when we got there. His body was so swollen and painful all over that it couldn’t even be touched, and he was breathing in difficulty, with the use of a respirator. Bringing them back, I began to do moxibustion for him with an moxibustion box and let him drink some enzyme concentrate to aid detoxification. My master came back at ten in the evening from the countryside and gave him a Gua Sha treatment on his chest and back. Much red and black Sha (poisoned blood) appeared on the scraped areas and he got sweaty all over the body. Afterwards I helped him do Lajin for half an hour, he started to urinate. He discharged about 400 ml of urine containing blood and defecated three times that night. The next day, he felt better and had smooth breath. We were uncertain about handling such a severe case, so we sent some photos to Master Xiao and briefed the patient’s condition, hoping to have his advice in the treatment. Master Xiao gave us advice in his email to us. Many thanks to Master Xiao!


How the child looked on March 17

      I checked his medical record. He had a stomachache in November, 2013 and took an injection in a township hospital, but found he could neither piss nor empty the bowels, he was unable to sweat, had had rubella all over the body and was swelling slowly. He was later transferred to a prefectural hospital for treatment. But the more treatment he received, the more swollen he became. Due to lack of money for further treatment in the provincial hospital, he had to go back home and take some herbal medicine, but the illness was worsening. The family had no choice but to send him to a municipal hospital, because he began to have difficulty in breathing, and his edema hadn’t improved though he could sweat a little after herbal medication.

       During the treatment, my Master helped him detoxify by use of massage, moxibustion and Dai medicine. The child drank ginger-date-tea every day, and received “carpet-bombing” Paida for about two hours a day. In the process of being slapped, he had frequent urination and excretion. Each slapping session of several hours, he used to relieve himself several times, even more than ten times. If very little Sha could appear after slapping, pinching would be applied. Both pinching and Lajin led him to urinate and defecate. No sandbag was added to the legs in early days of Lajin. Later, he could do Lajin for 40 minutes with sandbags on both legs. Lajin was done two times a day, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon.

      The first session lasted 20 days from March 11 to April 1, 2014. At the beginning of the session, he couldn’t stand, and had no appetite, but gradually he could walk by himself and had a good appetite. But we didn’t allow him to eat more but eat less, offering him a vegetarian diet. Only vegetables were available in the afternoon.


Teaching the parents Paida on March 18


Parents Paida on the legs on March 21


Sha on the back after pinching on March 25, 2014


Sha on the chest after pinching on March 27, 2014


      The 2nd session started on April 20 and ended on May 10. We used the same therapies we did in the first session. He had a good appetite, ate a lot and slept well, but his body got swollen repeatedly. He still had urination and defecation during the slapping process. We arranged three days of fasting in the session, only offering ginger-date-tea. We let him walk barefoot firstly, then walk up and down the stairs, and finally jog. Each time of slapping, Lajin, massage, pinching, Gua Sha and intensified exercises, the child would scream out of pain. For the sake of saving his life, the parents continued to support our treatment on their child, witnessing the improvement of his health condition day by day. He recovered gradually and his body weight reduced from 33.1 kg at the beginning to the current 20.7 kg.


Less swollen on the belly after Lajin on May 18, 2014

Swelling can still be seen on March 19

May 20: Body weight 20.7kg, able to jog for 30 minutes, no need to wear a coat in hot days.

Full recovered. Photo taken on January 3, 2015


     In order to express their gratitude, the family invited my master and I to join their New Year’s Day celebration on January 1, 2015. We rushed there though it was far from our place. By the time we met the child again, we could hardly recognize him because his appearance was totally different from the one when he was suffering the illness. He has fully recovered.


Family festive celebration. The patient is the smallest one in the middle. January 3, 2015

      Many thanks to God for giving us the opportunity to help those in need. Once again we have witnessed the miraculous effect of PaidaLajin!

      Xiao Han


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