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Teachers Column 12 Paida and Lajin Lectures For Employees of BOSCH, Germany

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My bond with BOSCH was forged thanks to a severe “healing crisis”.




 Sharing the previous day’s immediate efficacy of Paida and Lajin


Vanessa Li, a participant of a German workshop last year, had thought of herself as quite healthy and only attended the workshop to “learn” the self-healing methods. Out of all our expectations, she had the most severe healing crisis — she was suddenly struck by miocardial infarction and spasm all over at midnight and nearly passed away. Thanks to Fei Schmitz’s violent Paida on her elbows and Neiguan acupoint, she was out of danger. On top of her own experience, she was deeply amazed by the fact that Paida and Lajin proved effective on all other participants with their various diseases. Indeed, NOBODY has benefited NOTHING from self-healing at Paida and Lajin workshops, whether the sick or the self-acclaimed “healthy” attendees.  
Some people are born with the desire to share good news and things with others, and Vanessa Li is certainly one of them. She first “coaxed” her elder brother, a coach with the German table tennis team, to attend the Hamburg workshop. Her brother, with certain doubts in the beginning, much appreciated Paida and Lajin and hastened to share them with his family after the workshop. Then Vanessa Li went on to share Paida and Lajin with her colleagues at BOSCH. In modern times, people working in offices mostly sit before computers and are prone to get neck and other work-related health problems. Using Paida and Lajin to self heal such diseases is as easy as “a piece of cake”. When organizing the event, Vanessa Li initially thought it would be great if about a dozen registered, but word spread fast, and over 800 BOSCH employees registered.
To make the event more of an “experiential” programme, BOSCH decided to make it into 12 lectures, with 10 lectures to be held at a store selling souvenirs of traditional Chinese culture, and the two bigger lectures at the conference rooms of BOSCH headquarters in Stuttgart and ABSTATT. The lectures at the store had a more “Oriental touch” — there were many Lajin benches; after each lecture, everyone took his turn doing Paida and Lajin and discussing over interested topics, and the boss served us Chinese tea. Thus the lectures became Paida and Lajin parties.


Paida his own knees and the knee pain was instantly relieved.


The son patting his mother


Helping her son do Lajin, who reported less leg pain at school the following day.


A journalist with a local newspaper taking pictures of the Lajin scene.

Instant efficacy after Lajin. We created and witnessed such healing effects every day.
Patting the belly with fists



At the first lecture, the younger brother of Ralf (boss of the store) had his years of leg pain cured after Paida. Ralf himself had years of shoulder blade pain, and was overjoyed to have it much relieved after I patted him for several minutes. The great news spread fast by word of mouth, and more and more people came each evening for the Paida and Lajin party. Ralf asked his wife, mother and son to come over to Paida and to serve the guests.
A lady had much of her cold, coughing and lower back pain alleviated after Lajin on the first day, and came to the party the following evenings, just to do some more Lajin. The second evening, she brought her daughter over here to do Lajin. The daughter, stressed out with the graduation exam, could not sleep well, had neck pain and pimples on her face. After doing Lajin for just once, a greater part of all her symptoms was improved and she came over with her mother the following evenings to do Lajin and she gladly shared her experience at each party.
A natural therapist found Lajin too painful to go on, but after Lajin, much of the lower back and leg pain was gone. So she came again and brought several other therapists and their patients. And just like that, employees of neighboring companies came to the parties, including those working with Vodafone and Benz.
A surgeon came from Heidelberg with his girlfriend, did one session of Paida and Lajin, and called the next day to inform us that his years of insomnia was much improved. Vanessa Li’s brother drove for hours to the lecture on the weekend, and brought his wife along. She was a table tennis coach with the Luxembourg national team, and was suspicious of the effect of Paida and Lajin self-healing methods; after witnessing their effects, she was totally convinced and became a firm believer. I believe that Paida and Lajin will be more widely accepted and practiced in the athletic world, and many surgeries, like the ones Chinese basketball player Yao Ming had, could have been avoided with Paida and Lajin.  








Ralf’s family




   English and German Version


Ralf happily doing Paida and Lajin every day

The lectures at BOSCH headquarters were the most dramatic. At the ABSTATT headquarters, an employee with leg pain stood on a Lajin bench, with Vanessa Li patting the pain area on his buttocks in front of everyone. It was really interesting to see a gentle lady patting the hips of a man in public, although he had pants on. After Paida, he tried walking, well, no pain at all! I said, “There should be dark Sha on your hips.” Everyone roared and urged him to “show them”, and he did it — indeed, they were all covered with dark Sha. People laughed and were awestruck — patting the hips to stop the pain? Wow, the Chinese healing method is so simple and yet so magical!
During Paida demo at the other lecture in Stuttgart, there was a lady who could not raise her right arm up high due to an injury she had six years before during mountain climbing. Her doctor had repeatedly urged her to do a surgery and she was about to agree to do it. At the lecture, I asked her to raise the arm, and indeed, she could only raise it to the horizontal level. I said, “Perhaps you don’t have to do the surgery after some nice patting.” She then asked me to pat her arm. I gently patted it for about eight minutes, and asked her to raise her arm again. With a doubtful look, she slowly raised it, all audiences held their breaths and saw her raise it up about the horizontal level and then up straight! And they started clapping in a roaring applause.




At BOSCH headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany








The neck stretching position is particularly effective in relieving neck problems. With a Lajin bench in your office, you can practice it any time.





The pain of tennis elbow was immediately relieved after Paida.



Doing Paida on the lady who hadn’t been able to raise her right arm for 6 years.



She could raise her right arm after Paida.


The last party was even livelier, with several BOSCH executives attending. There was also a special guest, a world champion who had won many taekwondo and Kongfu (martial arts) medals. He had many injuries, with the most severe one on his knees. His doctor had repeatedly urged him to replace both of his knees, but he rejected it, for he firmly believed that such a surgery would be a disaster to him. After 10-minute Lajin, he felt a greater part of the knee pain gone. I then asked two people to pat his knees, and very heavy Sha emerged. He had great pain and sweated a lot, but he held on. After Paida, he could walk very easily with years of knee pain basically gone. He excitedly shared with us how he had suffered and how overjoyed he was today. The audiences gave him rounds of applause. He said that almost all the 500-plus members of his Kongfu club had injuries, tried drugs and/or surgeries but found no cure. He preferred the miraculous self-healing methods and invited me to give speeches and demos at their club.


Taekwondo and Kongfu World Champion

Patting the knees right after Lajin



Sha came out.

Everyone held their breaths and waited for the result of Paida on the world champion.
Congratulations! The knee pain is gone.
Me posing with the German Kongfu master

A German kid and a Chinese kid in a Lajin contest

Many Chinese thought it would be a challenge for the Europeans to accept Paida and Lajin, but the fact is they embrace them as readily as the Chinese, and in some ways, they do it much faster, for they are real doers. They do Paida till the end of a session you proposed them, with no efforts discounted. And they firmly believe the self-healing methods after personally experiencing their effects. No doubt, no slacking off!
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