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An Indian’s PaidaLajin Journey

Time:2017.11.08 19:56

An Indian’s PaidaLajin Journey

Parag Samel .

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Sw. Veer Savarkar Marg,

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Mumbai, India 400601.

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January 23, 2015

The Journey began in September 2012.

One of my friends sent me Paida Lajin website by email.

I was unaware of its efficacy but started doing Lajin against a cupboard in my bedroom. Paida had no significance at the time. I was mainly doing the “Y” and  “L” postures. Later I started using a centre table against the door frame of my bedroom and started practicing “Reclining Posture”. 

1.   Health issues and weight loss :-

Prior to starting Paida Lajin practice my health had significantly deteriorated since the year 2005.and I had put on too much weight ( 96 kgs). I had gained weight due to suffering heavy losses in business in Mumbai with a partner and friends. It was also a year of economic downturn during 2005~2006. The setback had hit me hard and I had to close my office in the prime area in Mumbai and stop all activities. It was a shock for me and caused mental depression too.

My ankles and sheen had developed swellings, oedema  and walking was a difficulty. Energy level was too low for recovery. I started taking Kerala (India)  Ayurvedic medicine to improve my leg problems. Same time I was also taking different Ayurvedic medicine for my right eye Optic Nerve blockage which had caused near loss of vision in the eye since December 2000.

After about 3 months of Lajin practice with diet control I lost 16 kgs of body weight. I had discontinued all medication. My agility had improved. I was not aware of other benefits. Weight loss was so significant that my clothes were very loose on me, in fact shoes too became loose for me.


2: Optic Nerve :

I am a Marine Engineer and a Chartered Shipbroker, studied in U.K. I quit my job as a Technical Superintendent in a Ship Management Company in HongKong in January 2001 due to my right eye vision impairment because of Optic Nerve blockage. I underwent several diagnostic procedures in HongKong, visited best of Ophthalmologist and Neurologist but no real cause could be ascertained for blockage of the optic nerve. I had to spend out of my own pocket as the HongKong Insurance in our office gave Medical cover only for Hospitalization. Neurologist had prescribed me blood thinning medication which I was taking as a part of the treatment. The purpose of the medication was to enable restore blood supply to the retina, which was inadequate; to prevent further deterioration of the vision.  But its side effect is a delayed clotting time in case of any injury. So it happened on one day when I had unknowingly hurt my finger in a supermarket in HongKong. I noticed it very late that my finger was dripping blood all the way from the supermarket to my residence. Such situation was dangerous for my technical profession and responsivities. On request of my office administration I quit my job and returned to India.

Several investigations repeated in Mumbai, India to confirm the cause of my vision problem but it was a dead end again. No specific treatment could be administered. 12 years lapsed with some kind of medication or other, Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic in addition to different therapies  such as Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reflexology, Oil massage etc. but no significant improvement was noticed.

I started studying Medical manual and encyclopaedia to learn about my Optic Nerve problem. I did comparative studies between Classical Chinese Medicine and the knowledge from Medical Manual. I found that Lajin practice in a specific manner can reactivate Cranial Nerve II for my vision problem. This approach gave me results and I restored my vision with considerable success. Experimentation and knowledge from various sources finally started giving results. A true strengthening of heart began.

3.   Toe Infection :

In 2010, I developed Big-toe nail infection on both feet. I used to get severe pain and was unable to wear shoes or sandals, as it hurt me immensely. Doctors said that it is a bacterial infection from water. Many medical treatments from skin specialist to general medical practitioners was implemented for 3 years without any improvement. Finally a surgery was recommended to cut away the nails and apply ointment. However, when I started practicing Lajin Reclining Posture, I felt severe pulsation in my toes and gradually the infection was diminishing. I discontinued all medicines and ointments and got healed just by doing Lajin in 2013.

From September 2012, Paida Lajin ( In fact  only Lajin ) practice started showing its results in a very short time. My legs started shedding swelling and weight loss began. I learnt the sequence of loosing weight.

I made my first Lajin bench at home and purchased Paida Lajin Self Healing e-book from Amazon web site. The detailed study of the book revealed many facets of the practice. So I started comparative study of Paida Lajin Self Healing with books on Acupuncture, Acupressure. The simplicity of Paida & Lajin practices were too easy but intellectual mind wanted more deeper understanding than just execution of exercises.

Paida Lajin is a lost tradition for nearly 5000 years in Classical Chinese Medicine. India too have many such traditions which are not presently practiced but known to many people. I wanted to prepare myself for all challenging questions that one would throw at me before accepting the Chinese therapy of Self Healing.

I started studying Medical manual written by 200 specialist doctors and researchers from U.S. to understand what disease is, from medical point of view. We all have been indoctrinated to visit some doctor or the other and take his medicines or accept his advice to undergo surgery, physio- therapy etc. since our childhood.  I myself have undergone 6 surgeries on my body. My comparative study, experimentation and gaining medical knowledge from Medical writers in their specialities gave me confidence in understanding diseases and the approach to healing.

I requested Master Hongchi Xiao to give me permission to translate his English version of Paida Lajin Self Healing book in two Indian languages, Regional Marathi and National Hindi. He immediately obliged. During the course of translation my references to Medical Manual and books on Acupuncture, Huang Di Nei Jing was of immense help.

My understanding of both western and oriental theories of healing and causes of disease gave me confidence to promote this simple and yet very effective healing therapy for the benefit of Indian people.

4.   Self Healing Management Training

I started guiding patients with chronic medical problems and to manage health with Paida Lajin Self Healing Management training.  My patients varied in age ( 19 years to 86 years ) and diseases ( mostly chronic and unsolved for several years). During these 2 years of practice I treated Spinal bone cancer ( Osteo Blastoma), Diabetes, Severe Arthritis of knee ( Knee replacement surgery was recommended by a hospital) ,  Hyper tension, Retinitis Pigmentosa ( Tunnel Vision), Heel pain due to Spur, Weight loss, Severely uncontrolled bowel movement, irregular menstruation period, Brain allergy, Lumber and Cervical Spondylosis, Headache, body swelling, body pains etc.

I began “Taadan and Taan Kriya” Swayam Siddha Rog Nivaran Paddhati ( A literal translation of Paida and Lajin Self Healing Therapy in Marathi ) as a healing management  training course in Thane, Mumbai.

82 year old granny doing Taan Kriya ( Lajin)

Patting the old man’s head ( Post Cancer  Op. )

Archana (Osteo Blastoma patient) doing on modied wooden bed

Out Stretching on my home made bench in Lajin Thane

Paida Lajin Seminar in Thane with Ellen

Lajin -Y- Posture on floor mat in Thane

Most importantly I started recovering my lost vision of right eye and considerable vision focus achieved in just 3 months of concentrated practice. I was tuned with principles and objectives of Master Hongchi Xiao at every moment. I never felt his distance from me, though we just communicated occasionally on internet.

It was a great blessing for me when Master Hongchi Xiao sent me his itinerary for Chennai, India visit in November 2014. His specific wish of meeting me personally was the ultimate fulfilment of my efforts. 

Journey to Healing South India –

I began my travel from Thane, Mumbai on November 27, 2014 by train and arrived Chennai Central station on November 28, 2014.  I was heartily received by my family friend Mr Janakiram uncle who is now 82 years of age. He and his daughter had made all necessary arrangements for myself and Master Hongchi Xiao to stay at his residence in Mylapore, Chennai.

Master Hongchi Xiao had a premonition that a Lajin Bench would not be easily available in Chennai during our seminars in South India. So he brought a folding bench from HongKong while travelling to Chennai. It was certainly a most desirable item for everyone. He arrived on December 30, 2014 at Mr Janakiram’s residence. He was warmly received by Mr Janakiram and his daughter.

My going to Chennai was to spread awareness of this excellent Self Healing Therapy along with Master Xiao to as many people as possible from various walks of life. I had a feeling all along that we are destined to come together at Chennai on this maiden occasion on beckoning from Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi of Tiruvannamalai.

A sociable lady from Adyar, Chennai was instrumental in organizing our first presentation in a primary school class-room in Adyar. 

A.   First seminar in Chennai (India)-

Decemeber 1, 2014

Nearly 40 people attended. The class room had a cosy atmosphere, plastic chairs were arranged as a seating arrangement. Video recording was organised too. Later we also came to know that one of the attendant was a journalist from Kalki Weekly Magazine. Gents and ladies all participated with great enthusiasm in the presentation and later in actual Lajin & Paida practices for a short duration. Overall the entire seminar lasted for about 4 hours. School children were waiting outside to get into their classroom. Such was the blessed and electrifying atmosphere in the class-room of innocent children. We demonstrated healing effect on a frozen shoulder, back pain and squatting disability etc. during the seminar. Everyone applauded. We really did not get enough time with every individual but mostly everyone had felt the healing power of doing Paida & Lajin. We parted with a short note of thanks giving and a promise from attendees to carry on with practice. The surprise was yet to come and it came the very next day on December 2, 2014.

I was contemplating on how to go about organizing more seminars in Chennai because our sociable contact from Chennai was going out of station on the very next day. But she called and asked for our permission for a meeting along with a gentleman at Mr Janakiram’s residence. 

Paida Lajin Seminar in Adyar, Chennai

Adyar, Chennai  Seminar, attendees doing Paida on Elbow.

B December 2, 2014.

We all know that the Energy Irrigation in Meridians take its own course, unabated and it gives unexpected healing effects in every one. The gentleman was suffering from lungs damage and needed to inhale compressed oxygen at night time for 6 hours, for many years but the miracle had already happened in his case. His oxygen consumption at that very night was only 50% i.e. 3 hours only. He could do Lajin just for 15 minutes and Paida on elbows for the same time at the Adyar seminar. Therefore he was keen on meeting us privately.

He told us that he would like to organize a seminar at a private bunglow for limited people. Myself and Master Hongchi Xiao agreed to that. Our next seminar was scheduled on December 4, 2014 at Chetpet, Chennai.  

Our first seminar in Adyar, Chennai was to take new heights. Another lady called us for a seminar for Tibetan college students at her residence in Palavakam, Chennai on Decemebr 3, 2014.

C.  December 3, 2014.

At the Palavakam, Chennai 35 Tibetan students along with few local people  attended Paida Lajin presentation and seminar for about 3 hours. We had one lady in the group who had problem in squatting and taking stairs. She was chosen for demonstrating effects of doing Lajin, and Paida on back of the knees for 10 minutes each. A lot of Sha appeared. She exhibited not only good squatting but also ran up and down staircase. Everyone applauded. All Tibetan students were thrilled with the demonstration and presentation. We were served good snacks made and arranged by lady’s daughter. It was also confirmed that we would be taken to the Tibetan Monastery at Mysore ( Bylakuppe ) for conducting seminar and demonstrations on December 6, 2014 for 2 days.. The lady is doing a lot of humanitarian social work for the welfare of Tibetan children, migrating to India. She has helped over 250 students in the past 14 years. They all treat her as their own mother. What a great service to humanity ! 

Tibetan Students doing Paida on Elbow. Palavakam, Chennai.

Paida Lajin Seminar at Palavakam, Chennai for Tibetan Students

D.  December 4, 2014

The gentleman with lungs complication took us to Chetpet, Chennai in the afternoon. There were about 20 attendees. Our presentation was well received by everyone. One of the persons in the group had a severe back pain and difficulty in bending and squatting. We made him do Lajin and gave Paida on the back of the knees for 10 minutes each. A lot of Sha appeared. He felt much lighter and flexible. Everyone applauded. Everyone did Paida on the elbows to experience their heart condition. Even the small granddaughter of the host was doing it playfully. We were served good dinner. 

E.  December 6, 2014 

    Day – 1 at Bylakuppe

Journey to Tibetan Monastery in Bylakuppe, Mysore. We travelled by Shatabdi train from Central Chennai station to Mysore station. It took 7 ½ hours by train. Myself, Master Xiao, the lady and accompanying Tibetan student was received at the Mysore station by two monks from the monastery. They offered us silk scarves to honour us.

We travelled to the Bylakuppe monastery by car. It took us nearly 3 ½ hours. We were provided with cosy accommodation and good vegetarian food.

Same evening we were prepared to make our first presentation and demonstration to the residential monks. These monks have long hours of attending studies, sitting cross legged on floor. Most of them develop knee pain, back ache etc. Our seminar was arranged in a very large courtyard from 8:15 p.m. onwards; after the monk’s debating session on their study subjects. Nearly 1000 monks attended our seminar. Climate was a bit cold and open air, it was almost dark by the time we started our presentation, causing some difficulties in photo and video shooting.

One of their English teachers was translating for us. All the participating monks gave good response to Paida on hands. Couple of them came forward for Lajin demonstration too. One of them had back pain so we gave him Paida on the knees. He was relieved from the pain in just 20 minutes.

The head of the monks thanked us and honoured us with silk scarves. The entire demonstration lasted for nearly 2 ½ hours.

F.  December 7, 2014.

    Day – 2 ( Morning ) at Bylakuppe.

We were taken to old-age home for Tibetan people. There were about 30 inmates. They were mostly walking with walkers; due to old age, surgeries on their knees etc. Computer was set up on a small table in the veranda of the building and all residents of the home gathered around. They intently listened to us. It was a great sense of happy involvement in the presentation. Same English teacher helped us in translation. The caretaker of the home was also an enthusiast. He was very concerned for the health welfare of the old people.

We selected 3 persons from the group. 85 years old lady and 89 & 91 years old gentlemen for doing Lajin on the bench and taking Paida on the back of their knees, They cooperated with us throughout the demonstration. Most surprising result was that they could immediately walk without their walkers. The 91 years old man could run and dance too. Everyone cheered and applauded.

Then all chairs were spread in a circle in the compound area in the warm sunlight. Everyone was made to do Paida on elbows, head & face, shoulders. The care taker of the old age home and the director of the Monastery vowed to continue this therapy for these old people. They also decided to make Lajin bench to continue Lajin practice.

Day – 2 ( Evening ) at Bylakuppe.

Late afternoon many lamas lined up at their monastery dispensary for getting treatment with Paida and Lajin. They mostly had back pain problems. One local man also arrived with a carpenter, who was suffering form Bells Palsy ( Facial Paralysis ). He too was attended to.

Later we visited secondary school in TCV, Tibetan Child Village. 725 students in their teens along with the school staff, teachers and headmaster attended our presentation. All of them were asked, if they have any heart problems. Of course, the answerer was NO. Then they were showed, how to do Paida on elbows. To their surprise, most of them developed dark Sha. One of the girl student volunteered for doing Lajin demonstration on the stage.

Then the children were coaxed to do Paida on head, entire face for improving learning ability and skin problems such as pimples, acne, spots etc. They all enjoyed it very much.

They were also explained the benefits of Paida and Lajin in the girls menstrual period pains etc. This was important for the school management, as many of the girl students had to abstain from classes every month due to abdominal pains. All of them enjoyed the presentation very much.

TCV School Children in Bylakuppe. Mysore

TCV School Children in Bylakuppe. Mysore Doing Paida on Elbows

TCV School Children in Bylakuppe. Mysore Doing Paida on Eyes

TCV School girl doing Lajin demonstration. Bylakuppe, Mysore

TCV School Principal honoring Master Xiao. Bylakuppe, Mysore

E. December 8, 2014.

    Day – 3 ( Morning ) at Bylakuppe.

We were to board the return train from Mysore to Chennai in the after noon. We packed our bags and loaded them on the car for journey. On our way we stopped at a Tibetan residential camp No. 1, for brief presentation.

These people do varied jobs in fields etc. They all enjoyed the activity. As usual we chose an elderly man to do Lajin and gave him Paida on the back of the knees. The result was immediate. He could squat and walk with less difficalty. Everyone applauded.

We started our journey back to Chennai and arrived at late night.