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On Death and Imprisonment

Time:2019.01.25 13:48

Written by Hongchi Xiao on November 17, 2016

Translated by Dongxiao Z. and Edited by Ellen Z.

I took a fresh look at the value of my life when I logged in Weibo – “the Chinese Twitter,” and saw so many online users ecstatically spreading the news of my “imprisonment.”

The fact is, the web frenzy is the result of the media’s negative coverage of an unexpected death in a workshop and intent to demonize PaidaLajin.


Many people were so scared that they kept silence, for they had never seen such harsh media criticism. It felt as if we were back in the era of China’s Cultural Revolution. However, more kind-hearted people were deeply saddened at the news and were worried about me. Some suggested that I should avoid offending Western Medicine, and not allow patients with severe diseases to attend PaidaLajin self-healing workshops. Some offered other advice and support.

It is understandable that the media and some doctors would instinctively negate PaidaLajin self-healing method, because they have not witnessed any self-healed cases of diabetes and hypertension, nor have they experienced the healing power of PaidaLajin themselves.


There is another deeper reason that many people are not yet aware of: The medical laws and standards have all been established by Western Medicine. Even Chinese Medicine is having a very hard time to survive. Under such circumstances, why would PaidaLajin self-healing method be allowed to prevail?

For your reference, let me mention a major breakthrough of Chinese company Huawei – recently, its Polar Code technology eventually became the 5G coding standard for all domestic and international organizations, enterprises, and co-operations. Huawei has become one of the standard makers in this field. Just imagine how important it is to set the industry standard.


What we’re trying to accomplish is much more challenging than Huawei’s breakthrough of technological monopoly. We need to not only innovate healing techniques, but also have extraordinary thinking; not only confront giant interest groups, but also overcome humanity’s psychological inertia.

Some people suppose that as long as the media do their investigations thoroughly, they should be able to report more objectively; and that medical experts stand a good chance to win a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine when they research into PaidaLajin.

The question is, are they ready to manifest fairness and the scientific spirit?

The reality may be quite contrary: the more truths PaidaLajin self-healing method reveals, the stronger resistance will come from the media and the experts. This is because the human civilization is still undergoing a barbaric, transitional period. Humanity will have to experience labor pains and tragedies before it can progress further.

PaidaLajin is a rare healing method and way of life that brings forth reason, peace, and harmony. Promotion of PaidaLajin will lead to establishment of new laws and standards in the medical field. Anyone can imagine how difficult this can be.


Deaths take place everywhere, every day. It’s unfortunate whenever a death occurs. It is also a natural process. We express our sorrow and condolences for all unfortunate deaths. Life and death are two sides of the same coin, just like Yin and Yang (positive and negative energy forces existent in nature and in humans). Death does not occur suddenly at the dying moment. As a matter of fact, it starts at the moment of birth. We live our lives every day and are dying at the same time as well. As we age, our Yang (the positive) energy becomes less and less, just as depicted in a Tai Chi diagram. Yin rises while Yang declines until the end of life. So death is also called the end of Yang life.

Medical treatments are supposed to help us maintain good health. However, their side effects could induce more diseases and sufferings, and may even accelerate death. PaidaLajin cannot make people live forever without dying; it can, however, help prevent and heal diseases, and empower us to live a long, healthy life. Being a self-healing method and thus different in the nature of healing, PaidaLajin will likely attract more and more patients to give it a try. As a result, more possible deaths may occur in a self-healing workshop. It cannot be avoided in the past, present, or future. Life and death are natural phenomena. All treatments are attempts to cure diseases, not to make a person’s life last forever. They might help delay death, but it is impossible to avoid it. PaidaLajin is no exception. Due to humanity’s ignorance, prejudice, and the absurd medical laws and standards, many people tend to think that it is normal and scientific if death occurs in a hospital, but abnormal and unforgivable if death occurs at a self-healing workshop. Thus, organizers of such a workshop are often labeled as murders.


I once asked a healing master if anyone died under his treatments. He smiled and said, “There are more deaths under my care than usual! Those who come to see me often have critical or even terminal illnesses. Prior to my treatment, they have gone through prolonged treatments by both Western and Chinese medicines, yet to no avail. How could I possibly keep every single one of them alive?”

Not surprisingly, many of those attending our workshops are such patients. Is it rational to demand zero death rate at PaidaLajin workshops? If so, isn’t it the same as setting an impossible standard of no deaths in hospitals or no accidents on the roads? Furthermore, we are not doctors. We could not inquire important information regarding patients’ medical records, privacies, and medications. In reality, workshop participants often hold back the important information of their medical conditions as well as medications. PaidaLajin is an effective self-healing method; it is not a medical treatment. We teach people the method, and then it is up to patients themselves to practice it. We only help those ready for it. We never force it on anyone. We always ask the patients and their families to follow their doctor’s advice if they lack faith in this method.


But no matter how careful and comprehensive we are when conducting workshops, we cannot guarantee that no death would occur. It is an illness of the entire society stirred up by the media and experts’ prejudice and self-interest, when thousands of deaths in hospitals are seen as normal, while only one death at the workshop is labeled “murder”.

Recently BBC released a new documentary titled The Doctor Who Gave up Drugs, which discussed this very same social disease. Watch it and you will discover that Western countries are forced to a dead end by their own medical regulations.


You may say that the hospitals are qualified facilities for medical treatments, but you practice medicine without a license.

This is called “the arbitrary never lacks words”. I have emphasized repeatedly that I am not a doctor, not only in my books, but also at seminars and workshops. PaidaLajin is not medical treatment. It is only a self-healing method, just like Yoga. I have been travelling all over the world to promote self-healing. Wherever I go, countless diseases are self-healed with PaidaLajin and many lives are saved. It has been a huge challenge worldwide to successfully rescue heart attack patients and heal hypertension without medication. We have been able to do it with the help of PaidaLajin. However, the media has seldom reported on these healing miracles. Why not report such great news that will benefit people’s health? Why bombard us when one single accident occurs?


“Why aren’t you in prison?” People constantly questioned me ever since the accidental death at an Australian workshop.

And I ask myself, “Am I qualified to be in prison?”

Those who qualified to be in prison were Communist Party heroes, and people who fought for humanity. This is what I have learned from the education, books, and movies since I was little. I discovered later on that some heroes in foreign countries were also imprisoned, like Mahatma Gandhi in India and Nelson Mandela in South Africa. I learned about fasting from a biography of Gandhi in the early 1980s. I also encountered imprisonment from Mandela.


In 1990, I went to work in New York after completing my MBA. My office was located in one of the Twin Towers, which was broken into pieces during 9.11. That year, I excitedly joined New Yorkers on the Broadway to welcome the recently released Nelson Mandela. I was 27 that year. Mandela had been in prison for 27 years. Coincidently, my age was the same as the duration of his imprisonment. And I asked myself, “Why do heroes often end up in prison?”

Not long ago I met someone who, during China’s Cultural Revolution, had been sentenced to death for alleged counter-revolutionary activities. All his inmates were shot except for two. He was one of them. When I talked with this hero who had narrowly escaped death, I could feel his imperturbable peace and radiant compassion.


These heroes were all in prison for the right cause. I was sentenced to prison and the charge was murder. However, the adjudicator was not a judge, but the media and medical experts. Their reason was: death occurred in a PaidaLajin workshop hosted by me. So I was a murderer and should be put into prison. It annoys them to see that I am not in prison and I still teach PaidaLajin self-healing all over the world. They believe that I absconded. How could it be possible that the police and the judicature in Australia and Britain would let me, a murderer, go unprosecuted?

I had the following conversation with the police: “Tens of thousands of people die in hospital every day, and there are deaths at every year’s marathon races. Are you going to assume that the doctors, nurses, and the marathon organizers are murderers?” The officer was so confused at first, and then nodded his head repeatedly.


Some think that we are in trouble because we criticized Western Medicine. The real trouble is, PaidaLajin is an effective cure. Folk Chinese Medicine doctor Wanlin Hu cured many patients with cancers, which were incurable with Western Medicine. However, when one unfortunate death occurred under his treatment, he was immediately put into prison. What happens if everybody could self-heal cancer, diabetes, and hypertension without medication? You see, the greatest “sin” of PaidaLajin is that it reveals a big secret — We can self-heal. In summary, this secret, the object of love and hate for different people, has the following three features:


  1. PaidaLajin self-healing method is not medical treatment and it does not require any license. Everyone can practice it.
  2. It is extremely simple. It can be learned within minutes and incurs almost no cost.
  3. The self-healing effects are much better than the efficacies of medical treatment.

Just imagine how embarrassing it is for a doctor to learn that ordinary people with no medical training, such as workers, farmers, housewives, truck drivers and police officers, have been able to self-heal cancer, diabetes, hypertension, lower back pain, heart and many other diseases “incurable” in hospitals. What’s more incredible is that all these diseases are cured without medication. The healing effects, all miracles in the medical field, are not results of medical treatments. Furthermore, these are not sporadic cases. The healing effects can be repeated on a much larger scale and tested with scientific equipment.


The media has rarely reported these. The experts don’t bother to use scientific equipment to test if the claimed healing effects of PaidaLajin are true or false. They only chattered: Because you are a fraud and a murderer, so you are a fraud and a murderer!

There are only two results of scientific test: If it is false, I will be convicted as a fraud. And I will be put into prison. If it is true, how will the media report it? We all claim in unison that we believe in science. Why not just do some scientific tests? Why not show a little bit of curiosity? Is this really the scientific spirit?


Yes, you can turn a blind eye to mass suffering and viciously attack self-healing. However, are people really so ignorant? The Internet has cancelled the traditional media’s privilege of single-sidedly fooling and misleading the people. The more viciously the media and the experts spread rumors and cursePaidaLajin self-healing method, the faster it will reach more and more people. You don’t do your investigation and experiment? Fine, people have done it themselves and they have quickly learned the truth. It’s getting harder to fool people.

If hospital treatment is effective, it should have been effective a long time ago. There would have been no need for us to promote self-healing. ObamaCare and medical reforms all over the world only force people to spend more money on medical treatment and insurance. However, there has been no improvement in efficacy. What benefits do people get from such medical reforms? It is the inability and corruption in the medical field that triggered the birth of PaidaLajinself-healing method. The appearance of self-healing is to make up for the defect and inadequacy of medical treatment: to reduce pains and deaths. Up till now, the self-healing effects have proven unparalleled.


Does PaidaLajin self-healing method have any shortcomings? Yes, of course. The biggest shortcoming is the superb healing effect. Please note that I am not kidding. The facts and big data are the proofs. We have accumulated enormous cases and data using Western Medicine’s standards and equipment to test results. PaidaLajin is proven effective on acute and chronic diseases. Our statistics show that the effective rates of PaidaLajin relieving or curing common chronic diseases and non-injury acute symptoms are both over 80%. The big data reveals that compared to medical treatment, PaidaLajin self-healing method has helped rescue more lives, delay more deaths, and save more money. Such data may appear implausible in the medical field. But it is true.


The most sweeping secret of PaidaLajin is its healing efficacy. It is totally beyond the imagination of the media and the experts. It is very clear to see who is the fraud and murderer when we compare the mortality and life-saving rates of medical treatment and PaidaLajin self-healing method. One typical example is first aid in cases of heart attack. CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) saves less than 5% of lives while Paida saves over 90% of people. Let’s also take a look at diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic diseases. Many people have self-healed without medication, whereas no patient has been cured under medical treatment, and they have to take medicine for the rest of their lives.


It should have been the job of governments, public service organizations, and hospitals to promote self-healing with PaidaLajin. Up to now, they haven’t done it. We have no choice but to do it ourselves. Why do we take such an arduous path? Clearly, self-healing is the way to go, and PaidaLajin is indeed so good! It benefits those who practice it, families, organizations, nations, humanity, and the earth. With such a blessed gift from heaven, what more can we ask? Although PaidaLajin comes from Chinese culture, it has immense universal and practical value. People across the world accept this healing method in spite of their different ethnicities, skin colors, and religious beliefs (Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, or atheism). My book has been translated into more than 10 different languages. If spreading the universal value of self-healing culture all over the world means imprisonment, I will then be in prison!


Someone specially reminded me, “Teacher Xiao, please avoid talking about the efficacy of self-healing because we don’t want you to break the medical law.” This happened when I taught in Taiwan recently.

To that, I replied, “Surely I will talk about the efficacy. I will talk even more about it! Who would be interested in self-healing if it weren’t effective? I will accept it if the Taiwanese government were to sentence me to prison. Why do I have to lie about it when self-healing is indeed so effective? Damn the harmful law if it is to force one to lie! To prison I will go!”

Medicare in Taiwan and medical expenditure in Europe and America have long been dragging down the economy into a bottomless pit. PaidaLajin self-healing method can be the cure for this social disorder. Is it how they return the favor? Isn’t it the modern version of The Farmer and The Snake?


Bruno was burned to death because he declared that the earth revolves around the sun. I have not been burned to death yet. Mandela was in prison 27 years because he was against racism. I have not been put into prison yet. This means that the society is making progress. More and more people will self-heal withPaidaLajin. Am I supposed to be put in prison just like Gandhi and Mandela? Won’t the media and the experts be more pissed off if I am not going to prison? It took Europe and America 40 years to partially accept acupuncture. However, the Internet is changing everything. I firmly believe that within the next 10 years self-healers will appear in every family and every corner of the world! We don’t have to experience imprisonment like Gandhi and Mandela; we do need to persevere like them. The result of our perseverance will be a healthier body and a cleaner earth. All we have to lose is the chain of disease and pollution.

If it is a human habit, a way of thinking, or a primal instinct to point to a deer but view it as a horse, or to take black as white, it means that the society is really very sick. It also means that the time has come for healing and raising humanity’s consciousness. Facing the boundless universe and all living beings, I rove on while chanting Beidao’s poem:

Meanness is the mean’s passport,

Nobleness is the noble’s epitaph.

Yes, sometimes heroes will be put into prison. However, I am not yet a hero. I will be forced to be a hero if my day to be in prison finally arrives. I’m not afraid of imprisonment. I even had a vision of myself in prison. But why do I have to be in prison? Why not visualize PaidaLajin self-healers everywhere in the world? Why not visualize all human beings self-heal without medicine and live a long and healthy life?

And besides self-healing, aren’t there poetry and lands afar?

Lands afar mean roving…