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About Us

About Us We are an educational institution aimed at teaching people to master “green” self-healing techniques, to preserve health and to self-heal physical and mental disorders. We promote PaidaLajin worldwide as campaign regardless of their religions, races and cultures, reaching the harmony between man and man, human and nature, human and society. PaidaLajin is derived from Huang Di Neijin (Yellow Emperor’s Canon of Internal Medicine), the “Bible” of Chinese medicine for millennia, which advocates “tempering the heart foremost, followed by external treatment and dietary therapies, and using medication as the last resort”. According to CCM theory, diseases of all kinds, major or minor, acute or chronic, physical or mental, are causes by clogged meridians. Prevention and treatment of diseases is therefore very simple, to dredge meridians to enable smooth Qi and blood flow, which naturally selfheals diseases and improves health.

All living entities, including human beings, animals and plants, have an innate self-healing and self-repairing ability, which shortened as self-healing power. PaidaLajin are NOT medical practices, EVERYONE can do it himself / herself, all friends and relatives can do it with each other, for it’s simple, easy to learn and practice. Since 2009, we have been promoting PaidaLajin worldwide in dozens of countries and regions, including Mainland China, USA, EU, UK, Singapore, Taiwan, HK, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, South Africa,, Canada and India. Hundreds of seminars have been held successfully, received warm welcome and active participation, benefited milions upon milions of people. The book “PaidaLajin Self-Healing” has been translated into more than ten languages. Our vison: Let everyone become the healer of his own, spreading positive energy for himself, other people and the society. If you have any contribution, please send to For any enquiries